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Euroflow Sport HT

Rope Dyeing Machine

  • Cylindrical horizontal vessel with inner trough suitably perforated for a perfect transport of synthetic or natural fabrics
  • Overflow rinse of the vessel/trough
  • Fabric transport group comprising: independently driven dragging reel, Hydrovario (nozzle system with adjustable aperture), shaped transport tubes to grant a perfect fabric run and deposit without tension/abrasion
  • Controlled liquor suction
  • Fabric floatation inside the deposit trough
  • Controlled liquor delivery to the rear part of the vessel
    side tank for products, with pneumatic level probes and mixer
  • Easy eccessibility to each single chamber via a large, easy to open door
  • Self cleaning static filter (SCSF)
  • Horizontal liquor circulation pump
  • MST: machine side tank 
  • MQD: machine quick drain
  • Operation panel: Upon Customer's request it is always possible to install different brands of controllers.
  • Second add tank
  • pH-Meter
  • Steam flow meter
  • Electric consumption meter
  • Conditioner


Via Provinciale, 581
24059 Urgnano
(Bergamo) - Italia

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