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Production Process

The production process of MCS develops around a number of specialized departments. The top-rank machinery and systems provide precision processing and treatments. Our staff’s skill and commitment do the rest of the job.

  • Structural steelwork department: this is where many of the accessories used on our machines, from filters to baskets, from turrets to nozzle holders and heat exchangers, are made. The processing units used are bending machines, sheeting machines, plasma cutters and seam welding robots for precision welds.

  • Lathe department: this is where parts such as nozzles, inner cones, doors, guards, unloading reels and rollers, shafts and inner parts of exchangers aremade. The machine tools used are CNC units and a vertical lathe for large diameters, in addition to traditional machine tools.

  • Laser/Calendering department: this is where stainless steel sheets are cut in thickness values up to 25 mm with the utmost precision. The laser, along with a CAD-CAM integrated software system, calenders and bending machines are the machines used.

  • Assembly department: this is where the ferrules just cut are welded and the internal and external machining of some of our products is completed.

  • Piping assembly department: the pipingis bent and assembled, after being laser-cut. The technology is guaranteed by a computerized pipe-bending machine.

  • Pickling department: the machine partsare dipped in a pickling bath which allows all of the surfaces to be entirely passivated.

  • Cleaning department: all internal components whereon the fabric flows require perfect cleaning, to prevent problems when further using the machinery at a later stage. MCS has always been very careful as regards this point, as they are well aware of the issues that are likely to show up when dyeing machines are used. The cleaning also includes external stages that can be performed  in two different finishing manners: by sand-blasting, using a silica dust sand-blasting system, and by spaghetti-finishing, using grounding wheels. In this case, the machines take on the typical shiny look (now a trademark of MCS) which enables the external cleaning to be performed much more easily.

  • Assembling department: This is the place where semifinished machine parts are assembled, disassembled and reassembled in blocks in order to make the subsequent assembly on the customer’s premises a simple and routine operation. Valves, servo controls, electrical systems and miniature switches are checked and tested. The MCS product is ready for packing and shipment.



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