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MCS SpA leads a mechano-textile group that started operating in the early sixties. The MCS Group includes:

  • Termoelettronica, which produces industrial automation plants (automatic dosing) and control systems.
  • Europizzi, a textile dyeing, printing and finishing works and a manufacturer of chemical auxiliairies for textile as well as non-textile industries.

The daily output can reach 30 tons for knits and 50.000 m for wovens. The MCS-Termoelettronica catalogue includes:

  • High and low-temperature rope-dyeing machines
  • Open-width dyeing machines (jiggers and beam dyers)
  • Rope preparation and washing lines
  • Open-width lines for mercerizing, bleaching and washing of knits and orthogonal fabrics
  • Process control systems
  • Dosing systems for chemical auxiliaries
  • Powder dosing systems for dye-houses and printing works
  • Salt dosing systems
  • SW automation systems


Our mission is to always provide a product that meets our customers' expectations, whether they are already MCS's regular or newly acquired customers, not by passively waiting for the market's demand to show up, but by actively offering the innovation from research studies.

A product that is fully technological, ground-breaking and reliable, this being the result of continuous field research and test activities, as it has always been in our style. In this connection, the large number of co-operations with the customers has been highly prized.

Our group will share all the enthusiasm, the experience and the daily work required to enable this adventure, which started fifty years ago, to bear the good fruits we all expect, long ahead into the future. We are looking at the future with new ideas and in a positive light, and it is based on this vision that we will produce ever more performing and reliable machinery.



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