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1963 - 1979

  • 1963

    The Foundation

    MCS was incorporated by Gino Chiappini, who will eventually become the Board Chairman and Angelo Cagnazzo, a technical manager.

    Today the management and administrative support services is providing by its founding members heirs and a team of trusted collaborators.

  • 1965

    The covered area of the production departments reaches 1200 square meters.

  • 1967

    MCS manufactures its very first dyeing machine.

  • Europizzi


    Gino Chiappini and his brother-in-law Italo Pilenga incorporate Europizzi, a third-party textile dye-house, finisher and manufacturer of textile auxiliaries in Urgnano (BG).

    Today, it is one of the largest Italian dyeing industries with 20,000 kg knits and 50,000 m wovens per day. Today the company is still owned by the Chiappini and Pilenga families and is managed by Italo’s two sons, Paolo and Carlo, along with Mr Roberto Lecchi.

  • 1971

    ITMA Paris

    Presentation of the first model of low-temperature atmospheric jet unit at ITMA Paris.

  • 1974

    MCS starts developing and manufacturing continuous lines for open-width woven fabrics. It starts manufacturing and selling the first continuous washing, bleaching and mercerizing systems.

  • 1979

    ITMA Hannover

    MCS presents JET HT, OVERFLOW MO/80 BT and MRS65

1983 - 1999

  • 1983

    ITMA Milan

    MCS presents MT26, a tubular mercerizing line; SOFT-FLOW SF82 and OVER-FLOW OF83, low and high-temperature horizontal rope dyeing machines; COMBY JIGGER, a high-temperature open-width dyeing machine for; WASHING RANGE WR, a modular rope scouring, bleaching and washing line.

  • 1987

    ITMA Paris

    MCS presents Pandora, a special vertical rope dyeing machine for processing terry towelling.

  • 1990

    The floor area of production departments reaches 35,000 square metres totalling an overall surface area of 55,000 square metres. The company’s export markets cover the five continents.

  • 1991

    ITMA Hannover

    MCS presents TORNADO, a rope tumbler, MAXI & MID JIGGER, low-temperature open-width dyeing machines and LAVAPRINT, and after-print washing system for high production volumes.

  • 1995

    ITMA Milan

    MCS presents SOFT-FLOW SF100, a horizontal rope dyeing machine, LONGHORN, a round-shaped rope dyeing machine, PUMEX, a wet sueding machine, WR SOFT, a modular rope scouring, bleaching and washing line with independent motors.

  • 1999

    ITMA Paris

    MCS presents MULTIFLOW, a high-temperature single-rope rope dyeing machine, SOFTFLOW, SF100EVO, a horizontal rope-dyeing machine with an additional MST tank and ELECTRONIC COMBY JIGGER, a high-temperature open-width dyeing machine for wovens.

2000 - 2015

  • Termoelettronica


    Termoelettronica joins the MCS group.

  • 2003

    ITMA Birmingham

    MCS presents MULTIFLOW SUPERIOR, a round-shaped single-rope-rope dyeing machine, equipped with downtime reduction service MQD and quick drain system, SILUROECOTURBO, a dyeing machine with beam featuring inside-outside and outside-inside liquor transfer flow.

  • 2005

    MCS presents the prototype of UNIVERSAL DYEING, a cylindrical rope-dyeing machine.

  • 2007

    ITMA Munch

    MCS presents UNIVERSAL DYEING, FIRST VENTO, a circular air/water dyeing machine, MISTRAL, a finishing tumbler tumbler for woven fabrics, COLTEX SYSTEMS, spectrophotometric fabric control systems by Termoelettronica, New VDA, a laboratory system meant to monitor all dyeing process parameters.

  • 2008

    MCS presents ITALICA, a new horizontal dyeing machine featuring a low liquor ration and internal handling of the nozzle– drive reel dyeing system.

  • 2011

    ITMA Barcellona

    MCS presents STARWASH, an open-width washing line for delicate fabrics, COMBY JIGGER H.T. CJ143, a high-temperature open-width dyeing with new tension and operation control systems, DYNAMICA, a horizontal rope-dyeing machine with a new multi-suction and product introduction system.

  • 2013

    MCS installs the biggest continuous bleaching line ever manufactured in its factories, featuring a working speed of 80 m/min. They also launch on the market SMARTFLOW, a dyeing machine with a round-shaped tank featuring a dyeing system inside the machine body.

  • 2015

    ITMA Milan

    MCS presents MULTIWASH, compact and versatile washing and bleaching line in rope form; STAWRWASH-FS , open-width tension-less scouring box; DYNAMICA SPRINT a round rope-dyeing machine with a patented multi-suction and product introduction system.

  • 2019

    ITMA Barcellona




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