Starwash Evo

Open-Width Scouring Box

  • Liquor flow in forced counterflow
  • High efficiency washing “star” drums
  • Water regeneration system
  • Channeled air in every washing box
  • Self-cleaning external filtering system, suitable for any kind of fiber and processing
  • Simplified access for routine maintenance
  • Integrated smart remote management (4.0)
  • Realtime machine data gathering on cloud for elaboration and preventive maintenance
  • Independent electrical panels for each box
  • Tablet management of each box
  • Minimum liquor volume to fill the trough (only 350 l)
  • Specific consumption from 10 l/kg depending the color and type of textile processing
  • Best washing effect thanks to various recirculation devices and clean-water inlets (up to 3 times per minute)
  • Pressurised chamber containing the drum, for a perfect penetration into the fibre
  • Shaped profile of the pressurised chamber for an more efficient washing effect (over-flow system)
  • Motors controlled by inverters
  • Optimised control of fabric draw, thanks to load-cells installed on each fabric transmission
  • Great compactness, modularity and better strength
  • Reduced dimensions
  • Line Management via PLC and latest-generation software TECOP Termoelettronica
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