The tissue preparation treatments may include multiple processing steps that are waiting mainly two purposes:
  • Eliminated or reduced by the fibers of the natural and artificial impurities, to allow a corrected absorption and homogeneous distribution of the dye, both in dyeing processes in the printing process;
  • Prepare the tissues optimization of results to be obtained in the subsequent processes of dyeing and finishing; this in order to highlight the specific effects of the finishing article / machined fiber.

The main impurities are divided into:

  • Impurities Primary: - substances which are generated and / or added to the fiber during the phase of formation of the same.
    They are significantly present in natural fibers.
    Are absent, however, or in negligible quantities, in man-made fiber.
  • Impurities Secondary: - substances added to the fiber at different stages of the textile production cycle.
    They are present on different types of fibers from fiber to fiber in a variable amount.

MCS Officina Meccanica S.p.A., focusing on these factors has managed to find the right solutions for cleansing and / or bleaching for all fibers and fabrics with their associated armatures.



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