It means to transfer dye from the dye bath to the fiber so as to distribute it uniformly and stably fasten, to reproduce the color in its hue and gloss attributes, to which also require certain indices of resistance (fastness).
In its essential parts the Dyer Process can be defined as the passage of the dye from the bath to the fiber; it occurs soto the thrust of its own characteristics of the dye and the fiber, which are not foreign to external factors, such as: the heating rate and the limit value of the temperature that is reached, the concentration of the electrolytes, the pH change, the ' of tint intensity and duration of the dyeing.
Considering all these variables, MCS Spa developed dyeing machines in rope form and in open-width as well, each one with different characteristics to meet the requests of  the wide range of fibres and fabrics available in the global market.



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