HT Rope Dyeing Machine


The main features are::

  • Liquor ratio: 5 + fabric absortion

  • Multi pump suction with variable speed motor (MCS Patent)

  • Double fabric deposit (relaxation and accumulation)

  • Variable flow injector and big internal reel

  • Upper tank for liquor preparation MST with system for the control / management of level

  • Self-cleaning filter in main delivery pump

  • Micro touch-screen

  • Continuous level control / Seam detector / fabric run control

  • Water liter counter

  • Multiple wash wall machine

  • System for the reduction liquor recycling and salt introduction

  • Drain by main pump, mod. MQD 

  • Plaiter incoming relaxation area

  • 2 side tanks for products, with pneumatic level probes and mixer

  • Possibility to work in double rope

  • Twinning operation option